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Aldatmak (S01E02)


The emergence of Tarık's double life shocked everyone. Trying to suppress her betrayal, Güzide is shaken once again by a sudden phone call: her daughter, Oylum, who she thought was going to Amsterdam for her school, was involved in an accident in Ankara. Guzide, who set out with a lot of question marks in her mind, gets the support she could not get from Tarık from an old friend.

Tim's escape, leaving Oylum at the crime scene, puts Oylum in the spotlight. Coming from an influential family, Tim struggles to escape abroad before the truth comes out. However, Güzide will do her best to prevent her daughter from being convicted of a murder she didn't commit.

Ozan, who lost the money entrusted to Oltan, makes mistake after mistake while trying to make up for his mistake. As a matter of fact, the revelation of what happened in the background of the incident that caused him to be defrauded will make Ozan angrier.

Güzide tries to come to everyone's aid when the order she has built for her family has been destroyed. This may be the biggest test of his life.