Aldatmak (S01E01)


Güzide Yenersoy, together with her husband of 30 years and their two children, is a respected family court judge with a family that has set an example for everyone from the outside. His husband, Tarık, is an experienced and successful lawyer who owns his own law firm. Her son Ozan works as an engineer in a construction company, and her daughter Oylum continues to medical school, which she entered at her mother's insistence.

While everything is going well in the life of the Yenersoy Family, which looks flawless from the outside, it is revealed that there are different secrets behind their lives based on love and trust, and the other side of the coin leads to completely different struggles, old notebooks to come to light and innovations that are difficult to foresee.

Every member of her family that she loves and dedicates her life to is lying to Güzide. Güzide is unaware of Oylum's decision to follow her dreams at all costs, Ozan's plans to turn the corner, and most importantly, that her husband of thirty years, Tarık, has had a second family for five years.

Güzide's life falls apart when, by chance, the truth about her husband Tarık comes to light. Now Güzide must face the lies she knows to be true and emerge victorious from this difficult struggle by preserving the self that she has not compromised for years.