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Aile (S01E13)


After Hülya's decision, Ilyas plans to kill Aslan but gets a big surprise. Just before the guns go off, Ilyas gives Aslan a big clue about the secret of adoption and the family's bloody past. Now Aslan has only one question on his mind. Is what Ilyas says true?

Devin, who learns that the man she loves is facing death, tells Aslan that she is pregnant. Aslan is overjoyed at the news, but Devin is determined not to give birth to this baby. Aslan will try to prove to Devin that it is possible to build a new life with their baby.

A phone call from Kıymet spurs Hülya into action. On the other hand, Aslan starts to work on his plan to find out who the adopted child is. 

When Aslan learns who the adopted child is, the truth that emerges shakes Aslan and Hülya's relationship deeply. On the other hand, Cihan also learns this truth. He goes to Devin's clinic. After what happens at the clinic, Devin decides to end the therapy sessions.

When everyone gathers together for Yağmur and Eko's wedding ceremony, all the secrets come to light one by one. After a big argument, Hülya tells Aslan that Devin and Cihan have been having sessions secretly for months.

Now it is Aslan and Cihan's turn to face each other. The confrontation between the two brothers that night will turn into a big showdown as the bloody secrets of the family are revealed; the family will be dragged towards great destruction.

Now everyone is at a turning point that will turn their lives upside down.