Aile (S01E12)


Aysel and her baby are in critical condition after the explosion at the cemetery. Continuing his war from where he left off, İlyas corners Hülya into making a choice between her sons. While Hülya and İbo search for a new way to stop İlyas, Aslan devises a plan to make his family pay for what they have been through. Moreover, Aslan will team up with Cihan in this plan. On the other hand, Devin is the target of Ilyas.

Hülya, who has to give an answer to Ilyas to protect her family, ultimately makes a choice between her sons. Ilyas is now ready to deliver the final blow to end his war with Soykan. He is confronted with the name Hülya has given him. Which son did Hülya name him after? Cihan? Aslan? Her own son? Or her adopted son?