Afili Aşk

Afili Aşk (S01E35)


Ayse and Ceyda are in a fierce competition.

While Kerem is in a life-or-death battle, Ayse and the families wait for him worriedly. Riza feels responsible for what Kerem has gone through, so he holds out an olive branch to Muhsin. However, this time, the Yigiter family acts coldly.

Ayse is afraid of losing Kerem. Upon Kerem’s recovery, the mourning atmosphere in the hospital turns into a festive one. However, there's something strange going on. Kerem wants to turn over a new leaf. Ayse is ready to do whatever it takes to win Kerem back but it does not seem as easy as she thinks.

Ceyda and Yelda have already taken action to put their scheme into practice. So, Ayse and Ceyda get in a fierce competition. Kerem has to make his choice. Will he be with Ayse or Ceyda in his new phase of life?