Adım Farah

Adım Farah (S01E13)


Farah will be on edge after learning that Behnam is alive. Tahir's good intentions, the possibility of Karimshah's rescue, and his intervention into the unknown in Iran have awakened the sleeping giant.  Who is this Behnam, what is his power? What will he do when he learns that he has a son, an heir? What fate awaits Tahir and Farah as they dream of a new life together? 

Farah's pen planted in Ali Galip's house will bear fruit, and Mehmet will learn about the physical meeting between Ak Kuzu and Kara Kuzunun through listening. Unaware that the Kara Kuzunun is Orhan Amir, what will happen to Mehmet as he pursues the meeting? Bade and Farah will be the prime suspects when the security leak is discovered. What will Aga do when she learns of this betrayal? Farah is now on the radar of both the deep and the father of her child.

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