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Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah)

Farah learns from Mehmet that it was Ali Galip who killed Kerimşah's donor.  But she fears the consequences if she tells Tahir and decides to hide this fact from him. Tahir, on the other hand, is on the hunt for the one who killed the donor. On the other hand, he needs the information he will find through Mehmet, and for the first time the two men go after a common enemy. While they are one step closer to exposing the White Lamb Black Lamb organization, Ali Galip and Orhan are aware of this danger.

For Farah, who is forced to cooperate under Mehmet's pressure, there is only one goal: to leave everything behind and go away with Tahir and his son.  With Tahir agreeing to this plan, a hopeful future for the two lovers appears on the horizon.  However, the information that Tahir reaches with his advanced steps to save Kerimşah leaves him in a moral dilemma. Either he shares this information with Farah, which will be a hope for Kerimşah, or he gambles with Kerimşah's future and walks into the future he dreams of with Farah.  As Tahir struggles with this dilemma, he ignites a new problem beyond his control and awakens a sleeping giant.