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Best "Whodunit Mystery" Turkish Dramas Online

Thriller Star TV
Set in an affluent suburb in modern Istanbul, called “Sarmaşık”, Ufak Tefek Cinayetler tells the story of a never-ending war between “the good” and “the thugs”. Almost 20 years ago, Oya (Gökçe Bahadır) was pranked and falsely accused by her three closest high-school friends, Merve (Aslıhan Gürbüz), Pelin (Bade İşçil) and Arzu (Tülin Özen). Unable to prove her innocence, Oya survives her suicide and leaves Sarmaşık. 20 years later, Oya returns, and the four women’s paths cross again. For them, life will never be the same.

In Ufak Tefek Cinayetler, you will watch the lives of four powerful women Oya, Merve, Pelin, and Arzu, who appear to be close friends, but really harbor passion, grudge, and envy to each other. Will Oya forgive her old friends or seek revenge? Will Merve continue to run the Sarmaşık community, despite her secrets? Who is murdered at the end? Welcome to a game of power like you have never seen before.
Romantic Comedy beIN Connect
Four well-educated working young women in the middle-lower class districts of İstanbul…Unlike the traditional families of their neighborhood, they all have big dreams… But dreams do not always match up with a real life. Dicle’s dream is to become a famous writer but she is working at a sign maker. Güneş’s dream is to become a lawyer as a justice-warrior. Unfortunately, she is trying to finish her internship in three penny’s worth foreclosure lawsuits in a law firm. Setenay’s dream is to become a fancy curator. As yet, she is counting the stones at the bottom of the pot at a second-class gallery. Melike is a little more sophisticated. Her dream is to become the building contractor of a big, elegant residence. Right now, she hardly makes ends by renting for nothing. The life of these young women changes with the sudden death of their friend Meryem. On the one hand, our characters will try to find out who killed their friend, on the other, they will follow their dreams.