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Best "Rich Man, Poor Woman" Turkish Dramas Online

Romantic Comedy Star TV
Defne, a poor girl living with her grand mother, brother and sister is tangled in a deal to make the famous business man, Omer fall in love with her and marry her before it's too late. Defne is forced to do this due to life obstacles and with her differences, will she be able to make Omer fall in love with her?
Drama NOW
Zeynep is an average girl with big dreams and a dull life. Then she and her boyfriend find a bag full of money in a rental car. When they get in a wreck, Zeynep has a choice: She can save her boyfriend’s life or take the money and run. She takes the money.

So begins the adventures of Zeynep, who transforms herself into the fashionable socialite “Melis” and breaks into high society. Her objective is to find a rich husband before she’s found out or the money runs out. In the tight-knit community of the ultra-rich, either one could happen fast!

Melis targets Onur Köksal, a successful businessman and the oldest son of a wealthy family. She successfully worms her way into the Köksal family, but the deeper she gets the more she realizes that life at the top has miseries all its own. She also learns that, no matter how far you run, you can’t escape your past…

Sol Yanım

120 mins
Drama Star TV
The drama series follows the story of a mother and her young daughter, Serra, as they try to get used to their new life in an ordinary neighbourhood after falling from grace.

Serra, who is learning to stand on her own two feet, will encounter Selim, the heir of the rich and powerful Kutlusoy family, and sparks will definitely fly.
Drama Romance Star TV
Growing up without her mother and father, Süreyya must find her way in life alone. Proud and beautiful, she lives modestly with her only relative, Aunt Senem. Working her way to graduation at a music conservatory, she becomes a talented musician. But this independent, simple life is set to be turned upside down.

The handsome and wealthy Faruk Boran transforms the young singer’s life. Mesmerized by his charm, she finds herself swept up in a passionate romance and falls desperately in love. The successful businessman is similarly smitten and keen to introduce her to his very different, privileged life in the green city of Bursa.

The Borans are among Turkey’s richest and most aristocratic families, holding court in a picturesque mansion among forests. Here, Süreyya will battle the tough family matriarch Esma Sultan, who has brought up her four sons alone. For her, protecting the family’s power is everything.
Drama Family Romance Show TV
The main character is a girl who lives in the suburbs of Istanbul. All her thoughts together about how to get out of poverty and miserable life and enter the socialite. Girl walking confidently towards the realization of its objectives, although a man of her class who loves her madly. She meets a rich young man and thrown into a life of debauchery paved with money and affluence. Life for that honesty and morality have no meaning.The Dreams Come True!!.
Drama Romance ATV
The series is an impressive story of revenge between two families. In the series, everything turns upside down while Ferit and Hande are planning a marriage with the support of their families. When Ferit returns to the farm earlier than he should have been, and sees Hande very intimately with Yaman, who was their playground friend, he immediately goes to İstanbul and by chance meets a fierce girl named Ayşe and makes her a "proposal." This proposal includes them taking part in a pseudo marriage for the next six months, and in return Ayşe would paid a huge amount of money to make amends with her friend who she owes her life. The events revolve around, when they go back to motherlands. As easy as it may sound from Ferit's mouth, life in Antakya will be harder on the happily newly wedded fake couple, primarily caused by Ferit's dominant mother.