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Best "Love At First Sight" Turkish Dramas Online


120 mins
Drama Romance Show TV
Aslan Soykan may be the head of Istanbul’s most notorious crime family, but at the dinner table his mother Hulya rules with an iron fist. She has managed to keep the unruly clan together with a set of unbreakable traditions, the foremost being, “You can’t escape from the table!” All that goes up in smoke when Aslan disrupts family dinner for the sake of a woman he just met, the beautiful psychologist Devin. Devin and Aslan fall in love, and as they become closer, the psychologist can’t help but diagnose his discordant family. But can a psychologist thrown right in the middle of a battlefield heal everyone? And can she deal with a narcissist like Aslan without fully recovering from her own wounds?
Drama Romance ATV
The power and righteousness fight of two women who steal from each other’s lives... The struggle of two young lovers who get caught up in the middle of this fight. The big secret behind demise...

Melek (Ebru Özkan) is played by Tuna (Zerrin Tekindor) who she grew up with. As a result, she gets kicked out of the house by her father and she’s disinherited. After long years, when she returns for her father’s funeral she’s a grown widow with two children. The love of her youth Demir (Murat Aygen) has married Tuna and they have two children as well.

Her father’s will shocks Melek who is struggling for life with her two children. But it’s a bigger shock for Tuna. Melek, who is forgiven by her father, is now back in the will.Being obsessively in love with her husband Demir, Tuna is afraid of losing both her husband and her fortune. What she fears most is that Melek finds out about the true reason of her father’s death.The fierce battle between two women who have embraced pain and regrets, is the biggest obstacle in their children Verda (Aybüke Pusat) and Efe’s (Boran Kuzum) love.
Drama Family Romance Show TV
The main character is a girl who lives in the suburbs of Istanbul. All her thoughts together about how to get out of poverty and miserable life and enter the socialite. Girl walking confidently towards the realization of its objectives, although a man of her class who loves her madly. She meets a rich young man and thrown into a life of debauchery paved with money and affluence. Life for that honesty and morality have no meaning.The Dreams Come True!!.