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Best "First Love" Turkish Dramas Online

Duy Beni

120 mins
Drama Teen Star TV
A young adult drama set in a prestigious high school, Duy Beni explores themes of bullying, social injustice, and high school romances.

Ekim and Meltem are two young teenagers who are as close as sisters. They live a modest life in a humble neighborhood but they always envied the rich kids who attend Doğru High School, a secondary school exclusively for the children of wealthy families. One day a car hits Meltem and the culprit flees the crime scene, making his way towards the school and hides his car in the parking lot. When news spreads that a girl will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair because of someone from the school, the principal decides to give scholarships to three students from Meltem’s neighborhood, to bury the bad news. Ekim, Bekir, and Ayşe are chosen to start their fresh student life in the city's most prestigious school, but they soon understand that their life is actually about to get harder; they will have to fight to survive among the rich children and they will be surprised to see that the wealthy have very different lives to what they imagined...
Drama Teen ATV
Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel… These four siblings, who are closely tied to each other, lose both their mothers and fathers after a series of unfortunate events. Having lost the people most dear to them, there is nothing they can do except hold on to each other as they no longer have anyone else they can depend on. That is until, Akif Atakul, the person who is the reason for all their misfortunes, opens the doors to a college he owns to them, exposing them to a completely new and different life. This new life, where the paths of rich and poor, criminal and victim intersect, turns everyone into a new person, but Kadir will do whatever he can to keep his family afloat, protect his siblings and keep them all together.
Drama Show TV
Ada was just a little girl when her mother died and her mean uncle agreed to take her in. Now she’s a 19 year-old young woman living in a remote village who has spent her whole life serving her uncle and invalid aunt. Even the wages from her day job go to support her uncle’s greed. Just when you think things can’t get any worse , they do. First, she loses her purse, which contains the letter her mother wrote to Ada right before she died. Then her uncle sells her to a petty gangster who wants to make Ada his wife.

A hitchhiker recovers Ada’s purse on his way back to Istanbul. It’s the hitchhiker’s friend, Yusuf, who discovers the letter and understands its significance. Being an orphan himself, he decides to return the letter to Ada. Borrowing a truck from the company where he works as a mover, the young man drives overnight to Ada’s village, where he finds her working at the local market.

Yusuf soon figures out that Ada is in desperate straits , and he tries to convince her that she doesn’t have to go along with her uncle’s plans. It’s only after a humiliating confrontation with her would-be fiancee, and then her uncle that Ada agrees to run away with Yusuf to Istanbul. Without even having shoes on her feet, this young village girl begins her life’s journey to the big city and a whole bunch of new sensations — love, courage, and tears.