Zümrüdüanka: Season 2, Episode 6

Episode 6 (S02E06) is the sixth episode of season two of "Zümrüdüanka." The episode aired on FOX on Saturday, October 17th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 3 users.


Abbas goes to prison. While paying a heavy price for what he did to Zümrüt; The anger that builds up inside him makes it much more dangerous. He won't let Zümrüt and Serhat leave in peace from now on.

Zümrüt starts looking for her father. Learning this, Cihan takes action to be both helpful and close to Zümrüt. Zümrüt and Cihan are walking towards danger step by step. When Serhat learns about this, he realizes that Zümrüt intentionally tried to keep him away. However, he will not hesitate to set himself on fire to protect the woman he loves.

Suhandan and Hamit embrace the chance they have at happiness. However, in their world, happiness comes with a price. While they are just reunited, separation knocks at the door.

Deniz begins to make other plans to take Zümrüt out of their lives completely. While she thinks that her games will work, she is unaware that life is playing other games with her.

A situation that Işık falls into brings Serhat and Cihan together as two fathers. They put their hostility aside for their daughters and unite. Zümrüt is unaware that she is heading for a path that will change her destiny.

Will Abbas be able to get his freedom? What is the danger awaiting Zümrüt?



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