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Zümrüdüanka (The Phoenix)

Serhat is buried alive with no air….But there is one person willing to give their life to save him. A person no one expects. Zümrüt has made it her business to be the one to put an end to all of the attacks being made by the Özgüç’s. In other to do, she turns to the dark side and takes a solid stand against Nisa. She is going to fight with everything in her against who wants to harm Serhat. But matters become even more complicated.

On the other hand, Azimet, who is overwhelmed by Niyazi Çavuş's threats, hopes to have a very dangerous partnership. Abbas is still missing and Nevcihan is tearing herself apart to find her husband in her heart. Because they will have a child ... Suhandan, who was imprisoned in Özgüçler mansion, and she can no longer stand it. But there is no one to save her ... 

Suhandan will close her eyes and she'll run away from that mansion, even if it costs her her life. All the Demirkans hold their breath while everything becomes inextricable, waiting for Serhat to save them... Will Serhat emerge from the ground and rise from the ashes once more? Will Zümrüt win the battle for her great love? Will Azimet be able to cope with the dark realities of the past? Will Abbas be able to have a new child? Demirkan Family has a lesson to learn. "You are defeat when you give up, not when you lose."