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Yüz Yıllık Mucize


On Harika's birthday, the flower from her mother causes a big repercussion at home. Suspecting Kemal's involvement, Süreyya confronts him, but is horrified to learn that Kemal is in on another one of her secrets. 

Kemal and Harika spend a beautiful day away from everyone and renew their love. Zeren, on the other hand, is very confused about the flowers his mother sent to Harika and asks Cem for help. This brings them even closer. 

Seray cannot hide her feelings for Efe from Aysel and Miray. Canan has Turgut cornered. Things become difficult for both of them. Adnan makes an unexpected move regarding the mansion. After this move, it becomes difficult for Süreyya to take control at home. Canan brings Kemal to her location to settle her account and reveals who she is.