Yüz Yıllık Mucize


Ali Tahir (Birkan Sokullu) is martyred while fighting on the Sakarya Front. A miracle that happened while he was about to be buried gives him life again. However, this miracle causes Ali Tahir to never age. For Ali Tahir, who has packed a lot into his 130-year life, continuing his life becomes even more difficult. The only person who knew the secret of Ali Tahir - his last name Kemal - was Turgut (Necip Memili), whom he had known since childhood.

Harika (Ebru Şahin), whose main profession is a lawyer but eager to write and struggling to write her first novel, was raised by her aunt Süreyya (Zerrin Tekindor) and 8 women live in the same house with her aunts, brother, and cousins. Her road crosses with Kemal when she least expected it while leaving home to write her novel.

Harika needs to find a good story, and Kemal needs to get rid of his burden and tell his story. The lives of both of them will change in ways they did not expect after meeting each other.