Yeni Hayat: Season 1, Episode 8

Episode 8 (S01E08) is the eighth episode of season one of "Yeni Hayat." The episode aired on Kanal D on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 37 users.


When Nevin sees Yasemin and Adem getting close, she goes home with jealousy and disappointment. Although Adem wants to explain the situation to Nevin, Nevin does not listen to Adem. In the meantime, Yasemin gets the divorce documents that Timur had made her sign. Yasemin is confused. Timur left his assets to Yasemin with the divorce. Yasemin cannot understand what Timur is aiming for. But she is filled with fear and takes action to protect both herself and Adam. Nevin cannot suppress the jealousy she has accumulated inside and tells Timur that Adem and Yasemin are very close. Although Timur said different things to Nevin's face, he was deeply angry with Yasemin and Adam. He goes into a jealousy crisis.

For the first time, Yasemin makes a move that will surprise her household. The households, who are already shaken by divorce, are shaken thoroughly by this act of Yasemin. Furkan goes in front of his brother-in-law and asks for an account. On the other hand, Ferda begins to settle in the house. When he finds out the secret of divorce, he uses it against Nesibe and tries to replace Fatma. Because of the divorce, Yasemin decides to escape and asks for help from Adem. Adem accepts. Before Yasemin leaves, she wants to shake Timur with one final blow.

Will Adem and Yasemin be able to realize their plan? Will Yasemin be able to get rid of Timur?