Yeni Hayat: Season 1, Episode 1

Episode 1 (S01E01) is the first episode of season one of "Yeni Hayat." The episode aired on Kanal D on Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 40 users.


Captain Adem, who left the Special Forces, lives a happy life with his wife Nevin and their little daughter Ece. The only problem is that Adam has been unemployed for a long time. The doors of a new life are opened for his family with the job offered to him by his close friend, Bekir. All that Adem has to do is protect Yasemin, the young wife of Timur, a rich and respected businessman. With all the dangerous operations he has participated in,  this job is almost child's play for Adem.

Nevin is happy that they will finally be relieved. With Adam's acceptance of the job offer, he and his family step into a completely different world they are strangers to. However, in their new reality, full of Timur's dark world and Jasmine's hiding secrets, nothing is as it seems. Adem will face the biggest test of his life amongst his family on the one hand and this different woman he is obliged to protect on the other.



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