Yargı (S03E09)


Ceylin, who breathes a sigh of relief when Mercan is found and settles in the house, will find herself in a conscience examination with the weight of the process and what it makes her feel. The incident that happened to her when she was in her third year at university and that she wants to go back and fix will be enough to confuse her present.

Ceylin, who walks the paths she has walked in the past, will also remember those who are no longer alive, such as Engin, Zafer, and İnci, and will come face to face with Yekta's old, dark side. On the other hand, the new fatal case that shakes the police department will drop like a bomb on everyone's agenda.

Can's death has shown Kadir's determination and ruthlessness; Yekta, Osman, and Çınar have been frightened for good. It is as if this darkness, which is growing bigger and bigger, will swallow them up at any moment. At the end of the day, shocking gifts await Osman about what he has gotten himself into. 

Ilgaz and Ceylin, who have taken it for granted how much they love each other and that one is incomplete without the other, have to deal with the ghosts of the past together and by joining forces. But Ceylin is unaware that a shocking and unexpected ending awaits her as she digs into her past.

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