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Yargı (Family Secrets)

Ilgaz is caught in the middle of a fatal accident in front of the hospital. Ceylin, on the other hand, finds herself in the chaos of the school case; children are being transported to the hospital one by one.  Events await both of them as they step into great unknowns. On the other hand, their wedding anniversary has arrived.

Ilgaz and Eren search for concrete evidence in the new case they are handling together. But their inability to reach the truth points them to a file that is about to be closed as "unsolved." Despite Ceylin's caseload, she is also trying to find a defense with Yekta in order to get Çınar a free trial.

With Iclal's agreement, Yekta enters into a dangerous game with Bülent Kısmetov. At the end of the day, Yekta will be shocked by an unexpected move from Bülent. On the other hand, the corpse that arrives at the police station with a surprising method will shock everyone, especially Eren.

While Ceylin and Ilgaz's romantic time alone will further cement their relationship, the enemy who will take Ilgaz hostage five days later is waiting for his time. It is unknown which cases and how this lurking danger will infect them.