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Yargı (S03E26)


Ceylin, Ilgaz, and the police rush to the hospital, thinking that Tuğçe is in danger. It's only a matter of time before they come face to face with a criminal they've never known before, who has infiltrated even those closest to Tuğçe.

The police, along with all units, are working tirelessly day and night for their colleague Tuğçe. Meanwhile, Eren, empowered by his collaboration with Efe, is determined to go all the way. In this adventure, unexpected and brand-new allies will join him.

Yekta, who quickly emerges from depression, has two people to confront: İclal and Laçin. While Yekta tries to thaw the ice with İclal, Laçin will change her plans with a counterattack. As Osman slowly moves towards his dream path with Zümrüt, Aylin also follows Zümrüt on her own.

Having made significant progress in shedding light on what happened to Tuğçe and capturing the culprits, Ceylin and Ilgaz inevitably link the connected murders to a single person: Eren. They are facing a major interrogation by their closest friends.

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