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Yargı (Family Secrets)

Ceylin is surprised by Iclal's surprise visit and warning on Mercan's birthday. The paths that Yekta and Ceylin have taken suddenly become a nightmare for both of their professional lives. They must find a way to clear themselves and especially their partner, who is the focus of Iclal's attention, of their past and present.

What initially seems like an ordinary legal case will turn into a bombshell for Ilgaz, revealing great mysteries. Meanwhile, a murder case at the police station will shock everyone. While Eren is reassigned to passive duties at the police station, a familiar face will come forward and find himself in the middle of all the events.

Merdan and Osman embark on their own investigation to prove Cinar's innocence to some extent. This investigation will leave them alone with an adventure they never expected.

On one hand, Ilgaz is tirelessly working on his file, and on the other hand, Ceylin is trying to cover everyone's tracks in her own ways. While trying to improve the lives of everyone around them to the extent that they can intervene, they are unaware of the plan of fate. A discovery pursued without anyone's knowledge is about to throw everyone into a huge darkness.