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Yargı (S03E01)


Ceylin, who miraculously survived the bottomless pit she fell into in Ilgaz's absence, but whose anger burns in her heart... Ilgaz, who tries to soothe his storm-tossed lover in his arms and who also learns of a sweet surprise that this great love has brought them... While life tosses them with waves in a sea they have never known, time has shaped their souls completely differently. Now they need one more miracle to close the distance between them. But in the meantime, life has prepared new surprises for everyone. Yekta Tilmen, who is once again taking Istanbul by storm as the most successful lawyer in the city, but who is making the darkness behind him even bigger; Osman, who takes advantage of the opportunities that come his way and introduces his family to a completely different life; Aylin, who doesn't even realize what kind of a bomb they are sitting on... Gül and Metin, who are tested with even deeper pain as they try to mend their frayed souls... Çınar, Parla and Tuğçe, who stumble unexpectedly as they take rapid steps towards adulthood... New cases with new faces at the courthouse and two corpses found at the end of the day that bring everyone together again. A new era has begun where enmities will turn into friendships, love will turn into hate, and uncertainties will be revealed... 

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