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Yargı (Family Secrets)

After Engin accuses Yekta, Ceylin and Ilgaz realize that they need to act urgently. Ceylin tries to get Engin to enter the prison irreversibly by the methods suggested to her by Ilgaz... However, this road is full of bumps that will emotionally traumatize Ceylin again.

Pars comes face to face with the possibility of revealing an important and big secret about himself as a result of Yekta's accusation and shows a very different attitude than usual to prevent it. Metin encounters an unexpected surprise while trying to find the body of Zafer who disappeared. Yekta, on the other hand, is determined to make him pay for Laçin's stance on Engin's side.

Ilgaz and Ceylin get closer to each other emotionally, moreover, this closeness turns into a game-changer for both of them. While trying to finalize Engin's conviction, they have to answer new questions created by feelings they can't even admit to themselves.