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Yargı (S01E28)


Thanks to the clues he found, Ilgaz reached the ultimate truth by himself, and this truth devastated him. Moreover, Ceylin, who is at the heart of this truth, is in a devastated state and needs Ilgaz to get up from where she fell. What attitude will Ilgaz have towards the woman he loves while he has the knowledge of this great secret?

The secret investigation of Pars and Eren duo came to light. When their paths crossed with Ilgaz, all the pieces fell into place for them, too. Now, with the issues that everyone has to face, who will take what stance?

Ceylin, who wants to hold on to life tightly, has made the first big decisions in her life. Ceylin, who sees Ilgaz as her closest source of power in these decisions, is still unaware of the facts that may emerge. Will it be possible to continue on the road despite everything?