Yargı (S01E14)


Ilgaz, who is unable to reach Ceylin, goes crazy. For Ilgaz, who knows Ceylin well, it is not difficult at all to think like her and make sense of what she does.

On the one hand, the security forces, who are legally alarmed by Engin's escape, mobilize to deal with the disappearance of Ceylin. Sleepless nights and days await them all.

Before the puzzle of who poisoned Engin is solved, the question of who may have been kidnapped has now arisen. In this process, while some of them make a partnership of fate for the sake of their secrets, for others, the end of the road seems obvious.

Ceylin, who has been accustomed to overcoming all difficulties on her own, is now in a knot that is difficult to get out of. Will the fate that has brought her side by side with Ilgaz every time somehow, this time, be able to clamp the two of them together with unbreakable ropes?