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Yan Oda

Yan Oda (S01E04)

Şelale is shocked and saddened when Nurcihan accuses her of trying to seduce Taylan, and Cevale, outraged that her grandson is being accused of this, intervenes. While Taylan tries to explain that this is not the case, Nurcihan is disappointed when Fikret supports Şelale. Sevgi, disturbed by the issue, warns Şelale to stay away from Taylan. Although Taylan apologizes, Şelale is angry with him. 

Fikret's suspicions about Sevgi are not over yet. Nurcihan, who wants to disturb Sevgi's peace, brings Sümer into the picture. Şelale and Taylan take a step to save the situation in order to clear themselves in the eyes of the household. Although the conflicts between them continue, the two are drawn to each other and think of a plan to become closer. Fikret, who has problems with trust, is faced with a very difficult development.