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Yan Oda

Yan Oda (S01E02)

Sevgi is furious when she sees Şelale in the same bed as Taylan. Trying to make sure that her daughter has done nothing wrong, she punishes her for her irresponsibility. Şelale, who is crushed under Sevgi's anger, rebels against the situation and shouts out her mother's wrongdoings. Sevgi takes her place next to Taylan and wants to hold him to account, but when Taylan refuses to back down, the swords are drawn between the two. The events between Cevale and Nurcihan cause the ropes to get tighter, and Cevale wants to leave the house while Sevgi and Fikret try to solve the problem. As the seeds of tension between the members of the two families who have to live together sprout at full speed, a henna night is held for Sevgi at Cevale's request. As the conflicts between Taylan and Şelale continue, Taylan takes a step that will cause a huge conflict.