Yalnız Kurt

Yalnız Kurt (S01E16)


The moment Halit meets Altay's eyes in the hangar, he realizes that he is his nephew. Altay, on the other hand, investigates who this mysterious man is. After Nizam is released from custody, he sees that all his money has been burned and is sure that Doğan did this.
Ahmet, on the other hand, has a meeting with the judge to understand why the honest and just judge released Nizam. He learns why Hakim released Nizam. There is also a surprise guest coming to visit Ahmet. Circassian, who has not been seen for a while, appears and gives Ahmet an important task.
Everything that was entrusted to him regarding the building is taken from Nizam, whose missions were unsuccessful. An important task is entrusted to Nizam, who thinks that he is wasted by the building, by the number 5. Nizam has no choice but to accomplish this task successfully.
Now it's time to meet Altay for number 5. He asks Mira to bring Altay. He has things he hopes to learn from Altay and an offer to make to him.
The commander, on the other hand, sends Altay a new letter and a new file to follow. Altay gets important information from this file and he needs to convey this information to the judge as soon as possible.
Will Altay be able to find out who Halit, whom he met as number 5, is and what he wants from him? What will be the move of Nizam, whose money was burned and who suspects Doğan? Why did the judge release Nizam? What is the important task that the Circassian, who suddenly appeared, will give Ahmet? What will be the task that the Nizam has to accomplish successfully? What is the important information that Altay learned with the direction of the commander and that he needs to convey to the judge urgently? Will Altay be able to convey this information to the judge?