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Yalı Çapkını (Golden Boy)

Taking action to open a new store in Marmaris, Halis Aga assigns Ferit and Kaya for this job at Nükhet's request. With Seyran, Suna, Asuman, and Abidin joining the plan, the team takes their leave in Marmaris. At the mansion, Nükhet tries to manage Kazım Aga, but Kazım's demands are increasing. While Orhan has forgotten everything, the only thing that does him good is the time he spends with Dicle. Ferit is disturbed by the behavior of Seyran, who is having fun in Marmaris; he tries to restrain her. Suna spills her heart out to Abidin. Kaya's surprise leads Seyran and Ferit into a conflict.

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