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Yalı Çapkını

Yalı Çapkını (S02E37)


Pelin's revelation about knowing Seyran's illness catches Seyran off guard, leading to cooperation between them. Ferit, determined to be stronger to protect his loved ones, receives advice from Count Ziya on this tough path. As Ferit is transformed into a completely different person by Count Ziya, Seyran dislikes these changes and decides to inform Halis Ağa. However, this move brings Count Ziya and Halis Ağa head-to-head. Realizing it's time to stop this downward spiral, Halis Ağa initiates a plan grander than anyone could have anticipated to punish the wrongdoers in the Korhan Family. The ultimate surprise Halis Ağa has been saving shocks everyone, while Seyran finds herself on the thin line between life and death.