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Yalı Çapkını (Golden Boy)

Ferit, reluctant to believe the possibility that the child might be Serter's, tries to get Pelin to reveal the truth to dispel his doubts. Seyran, unwilling to see Pelin under such pressure as she prepares to hold her child, tries to support her despite everything that has happened. Seyran, forced to accept her father's terms in exchange for withdrawing her complaint, feels trapped in a dilemma. Orhan, hoping for good news from Kazım to regain his freedom, finds himself in serious trouble in prison. Confused by Fikriye's words, Suna clings to a deep-seated dream in her heart once again. As Serter begins to unravel the matter to Halis Ağa, believing the child might be his, this development initiates a critical process for Pelin and the baby.

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