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Yalı Çapkını

Yalı Çapkını (S01E30)


Seyran and Ferit sign the divorce papers and Halis Agha kicks Seyran out. Saffet Agha, Kazım and Tarık take Seyran from the mansion. Seeing Tarık and realizing that he has taken advantage of the situation, Ferit gets mad and fights with Tarık.  After Seyran leaves, Ferit cannot contain his anger and argues with both Halis Agha and Orhan. Ifakat, who sees Ferit throwing himself outside to clear his head, does not delay in informing Zerrin. Zerrin convinces Pelin to go after Ferit. When Kazım hears that Seyran has signed a letter of consent, he takes it out on her again. As Saffet and Suna prepare for the wedding, Suna encounters an unexpected scene. Ferit's night out causes trouble for her and she gets an unexpected answer in her last attempt to see Seyran.

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