Ya Çok Seversen

Ya Çok Seversen (S01E01)


Ateş, who has spent his life abroad, is forced to return to Istanbul, which he left years ago due to the death of his father. He crosses paths with Leyla, a fake bride who uses fraud to find her family. Despite the undeniable attraction between them, they are separated with a slap from Leyla. While Ateş plans to return as soon as the will is announced, the unexpected happens. His father surprises not only him but the whole family. Ateş rejects the will at the risk of being disinherited, but a secret he learns about the past changes his decision. Meanwhile, Leyla returns to the hotel because she lost her family necklace and is caught by the angry groom. As she escapes, she gets into a car she does not know where she is going.  Ateş and Leyla's paths will cross again. Both are unaware that their lives will change completely.