Veda Mektubu

Veda Mektubu (S01E23)


After Seher's absence, things are not calm at home. After Alanur and Ziya's farewell, the wedding is suddenly under a dark cloud. As Mina is rushed to the hospital, the first intervention comes from Beste. Mehmet and Aslı do their best to save Mina. Meanwhile, big news awaits Nevzat and his family at the Karlı house. Faced with this news, Hatice can no longer see anyone. As Aslı tries to put everything in order, she receives unexpectedly good news. The tension between Mehmet and Selçuk increases day by day. While Nevzat prepares a plan to get into Selçuk's blood and end Mehmet, Hatice thinks bigger. There is no room for anyone to step back now. From now on, none of the Karlis will ever be the same again.