Veda Mektubu

Veda Mektubu (S01E21)


When Seher confesses her guilt, everyone finds themselves in a great crisis. As Mina and Selçuk say it is all Aslı's fault, Aslı shrinks in the big house. Realizing this, Mehmet has to make a decision. Will he stand by the family he has left behind or Aslı?  Ziya vows to ruin Nevzat's life as if to avenge the past. Despite everything, Hatice tries to ensure that her family gets what they deserve. Alanur decides to talk to Beste about the truth with the influence of someone she never expected. Will Beste be able to handle these truths? Or will the Yıldız Family end up disintegrating like the Karlı Family? Will Mehmet and Aslı be able to endure everything and live in that house?  Even if they can, how will the news they just learned affect them?