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Veda Mektubu

Veda Mektubu (S01E11)


Ziya's heart attack deeply shakes the Karlı family. Aslı, who learns about the situation, wants to be by Mehmet's side despite everything, but the attitude she encounters will not be what she thinks. Because Mehmet is thinking about what his father tried to tell him. Seher tries to stay by Ziya's side and support him but finds Alanur in front of her. But this time, both of them have the same concern: will the man they love live? 

Aslı and Mehmet are separated for a while, but when they realize that their hearts still beat for each other, they decide to overcome the process together. When they hear their baby's heartbeat, it is as if their love is renewed. As the two approach each other with small steps, like crawling, a new layer is added to their love with Mehmet's surprise. But despite the beautiful days, the question on Mehmet's mind remains. What will his father tell him?