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Veda Mektubu

Veda Mektubu (S01E01)


Alanur (Nurgül Yeşilçay) chooses her love, not her career, in the craziest and most uncalculated age of her youth. She stands behind her love at the expense of confronting his family, his father. Ziya (Selim Bayraktar) leaves her unexpectedly and turns Alanur's heart into ice. By burying her heart and dreams in her past, Alanur consents to the marriage her father wanted. This marriage gives Alanur two daughters. Unable to find her crazy youth in her first daughter Beste, Alanur places all her hopes on her second daughter, Aslı (Rabia Soytürk). Aslı will make the choices she could not make in her time, and Aslı will go where Alanur could not go in her career. It is a great source of pride for Alanur that Aslı was accepted to one of the most important universities in France. Thanks to Alanur, Aslı, will make her life clear. Ziya, who left Alanur unexpectedly, married Seher (Bennu Yıldırımlar), who has been in love with him since she was a young girl. According to Seher, she is the right person for Ziya, not Alanur, who grew up in a completely different culture. Although Seher manages to marry Ziya, she can never conquer his heart. Therefore, she is a heartbroken woman. Mehmet is the one who will make Seher's life clean. That's why she even chooses his bride himself. Hatice, the daughter of Nevzat, whom she knows like her sister, is a bride exactly as she wanted. If Mehmet loves Hatice, it is as if she will be accepted into his marriage. All her preoccupation is planning this wedding. Mehmet does not believe in love, with the consciousness that Seher slowly processes over time. Life confirms what we believe. The girls who enter Mehmet's life also cause disappointments in a way that kills Mehmet's belief in love. Can't believe in love, marriage is a decision to be taken with reason, not with the heart. Asli is a girl full of life. Unlike her older sister, she is unmanageable, and rebellious, and wants to establish her own life. Therefore, she reminds Alanur of her youth. Although she is chasing her dream of France in order not to deal with Alanur,s he actually does not want to go at all. In fact, the lion in her heart is not to study law in France, but to become a dancer. In an accident, the paths of Mehmet and Aslı cross. What the duo doesn't know yet is life's plan for them; The story of Mehmet and Aslı did not begin with them.