Üç Kız Kardeş


Despite everything, Türkan follows her heart and returns to Somer, even though she is afraid of what will happen. On the other hand, Rüçhan's awakening turns into a joy for the Korman family and a nightmare for Türkan. Somer is after the person who did this evil to his mother step by step. Türkan is cornered and talks to Kartal. Kartal's stance on this incident is clear.

As Dönüş struggles with the heartbreak left behind by Serdar, Uzay supports her. He does his best to continue her treatment.

Mustafa cannot stand the pressure and humiliation of the Kormans and Derya and takes a new decision.

Somer dreams of reuniting with Türkan. Türkan's fear of Rüçhan grows every moment. 

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