Üç Kız Kardeş


While Somer is trying to win over Türkan, Türkan's determined stance on separation infuriates Somer even more. Judgment day is also near. Türkan cannot explain her situation with Somer because of her father's illness. This is a situation that puts Nesrin in a difficult situation. Somer gets the support of Nesrin while continuing the marriage game against Sadik.
Nesrin is in a big dilemma because she knows that Rüçhan no longer wants her daughter. Somer stands next to Nesrin at this point.

Nihat condemns himself thoroughly by using Mine and her child in his war against Somer. Mine started to fear this obsessive attitude of Nihat. Rüçhan's offer of cooperation strengthens him a little against Nihat. For Rüçhan, this cooperation serves entirely for their own secret accounts.

The tensions between Serdar and Dönüş, the jealousy crises between Hakan and Derya, and Somer's effort to persuade Türkan bring the three men together. A showdown between Türkan and Somer will greatly affect Türkan's decision.