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Tuzak (S01E18)


Umay leaves the house after the confrontation with her family and takes her breath with Güven.  Although Umut cannot accept that Umay is leaving the house, he cannot prevent this situation.  Meanwhile, Güven wants to place Umay in his own house. Witnessing the speech of Güven and Umay, Meral threatens Umay, pressures her to live with herself and Demir.

Umut tries to find Halil so that the prosecutor can reopen the case. Halil, looks for ways to kill Umut in order to defeat Demir. Meanwhile, Umut prepares a risky trap for Halil by risking everything. At the same time, although Ceren internally reacts to Umut's desire to do everything alone, with her warm heart, she becomes a light of hope in the darkness for both Umut and those at home.