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Toprak ile Fidan

Toprak ile Fidan


In "Toprak ile Fidan," Toprak wakes up after five years in a coma and comes home to a family he can’t remember. Ayden, his fiancée, has loved him since they were kids but Toprak cannot remember anything. The little boy Burak doesn’t know at all. Toprak’s mother, Keriman, encourages him to finally marry Ayden and get on with his life.

Fidan lost her husband and baby in a terrible car accident five years ago. Now she lives in Şile with her sick father and stepmother, working to pay off the enormous debt they owe to the loan shark who yearns to marry her.

When a twist of fate brings these two together, Fidan cannot believe her eyes. Toprak looks exactly like her dead husband, although he doesn’t recognize Fidan. And yet, she stirs something within Toprak… Soon Fidan joins Toprak’s household as Burak’s nanny, and the two of them unravel the mystery of Toprak’s past – and his uncanny resemblance to Fidan’s dead husband.

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