Tehlikeli Karım English Episodes

Tehlikeli Karım

Derin comes from a wealthy family and she finances her husband’s restaurant with her inheritage. Alper has an affair with his business partner Seda who is also a cook in the same restaurant. After a while, Alper and Seda start to make future plans for their relationship but Alper doesn’t want to give up Derin’s fortune. Seda convinces him to poison his wife, so they can have her money. When they decide to execute this plan, Derin disappears the same night. A kidnapper asks for 1 million USD from Alper and threatens him that he will kill her if he calls the police. Alper immediately calls the police hoping the kidnapper kills Derin. However, the police suspect him at first. When the officers start to investigate Alper’s life, all his secrets are revealed; his financial situation, his secret affair, and his plan to poison his wife. Alper’s whole world turns upside down and he starts to question his life and change his point of view. From that point on Derin, Alper and others find themselves in chaos.
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