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Taş Kağıt Makas


With the case he wins, Umut gains a significant advantage against the Emirkıran family. The outcome of the case presents a crucial opportunity for Rıza's freedom. However, just as Umut continues his fight within the rules of the game, he receives bad news from prison. Is it the end of the road for Umut and Rıza?

Harun Yakar, who receives a traffic accident file on Bünyamin Emirkıran's orders, rebels when he confronts the truth. Behind what seems like a regular accident lies truths that will create a huge impact on society.

Experiencing the horror of the trap set for her father, Fecir, Umut discovers some details in the traffic accident file. Determined to fight against the injustice stemming from the same organized evil, he decides to take action.

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