Son Yaz English Episodes

Son Yaz

Idealist Public Prosecutor Selim Kara receives an offer he cannot refuse from the organized crime leader Selçuk Taşkın, whom he sent to prison 8 years ago. Selçuk Taşkın wants to testify in one of Prosecutor Selim's cases and his testimony will destroy the whole criminal organization. However, there is only one condition for this; the personal protection of his son, Akgün Gökalp Taşkın.

Series Cast

Alperen Duymaz as Akgün Gökalp Taşkın

Alperen Duymaz

Akgün Gökalp Taşkın
Ali Atay as Selim Kara

Ali Atay

Selim Kara
Emre Karayel as Fatih Doğanay

Emre Karayel

Fatih Doğanay
Sinan Tuzcu as Metin Yaman

Sinan Tuzcu

Metin Yaman
Arif Pişkin as Selçuk Taşkın

Arif Pişkin

Selçuk Taşkın
Sezer Koç as Emel Yaman

Sezer Koç

Emel Yaman
Halil Babür as Soner Sancaktar

Halil Babür

Soner Sancaktar
Yunus Narin as Eray Duraner

Yunus Narin

Eray Duraner
Sarp İkiler as Arda Ateş

Sarp İkiler

Arda Ateş
Cengiz Okuyucu as Ahmet Tunalı

Cengiz Okuyucu

Ahmet Tunalı