Sıfırıncı Gün


Thanks to the clue that Sırtlan gave before he died, Özgür decrypts the evidence. Özgür and Mert are now closer than ever to their superior's murderer. Salih, on the other hand, has a plan to save himself. Insisting on his innocence, Salih makes an offer to Özgür and Mert. This offer brings two close friends face to face.
Nisan is devastated when she learns that Sırtlan said her mother's name before he died. Moreover, she has only just learned that her mother is alive. To solve her mother's connection to Kadir chief's murder, she must find her. Özgür learns a truth about Nisan that will put him in danger. In order to protect Nisan, he has no choice but to hide this fact from her. When Nisan realizes this, the two lovers face a confrontation that will part ways once again.