Seversin (S01E16)


Asya's signature will affect Tolga's whole life. While Asya is trying to terminate the contract without Tolga's knowledge, the news of this contract falls into the magazine in Tolga's happiest moment. The event is big enough to shake the lives of Tolga and Asya. On the one hand, Asya hides why she made this contract so that Tolga will not be affected, on the other hand, she thinks that Kudret has deceived her and wants to follow her and hold her accountable. Does Kudret really want his son's evil as Suzan told? The past story that Asya heard from both Kudret and Suzan is different from each other. Asya wants to make Tolga listen to the past, which she has heard from her mother, from Kudret for once. Because according to him, there is a big lie in the middle. But while he has not yet figured out how to bring Tolga and Kudret together, Tolga experiences perhaps the biggest rock bottom of his life with the truth he learned. Asya has unknowingly screwed up the beehive, and this move made for Tolga's happiness will eventually affect her negatively as well.