Seversin (S01E13)


Asya is sure that Tolga is up to something. As a result of her follow-up with Kadir and Nesrin, she sees with her eyes that her worry is unnecessary. However, this event leads to an internal showdown in Tolga. As Asya is about to explain to Tolga that she has overcome her trust problem, Tolga says it would be good to take a break. Even though Tolga is at fault for the message on the phone, he justifies Asya's skepticism because of her past life. Tolga and Asya decide to spread the fake cheating photos that Tolga had taken before. Thus, they will be able to finish the fake engagement without harming the work. But it is difficult for both of them to implement it; Both of them try to delay the separation with various excuses. Meanwhile, a friend of Asya from high school will enter their lives and cause the course of events to change.