Sen Çal Kapımı


Eda did not fall into the trap of Balca about the tender; However, the appearance of Semiha Hanım, shakes Serkan's trust. Serkan immediately leaves the company. Eda chases after him and tries to tell him that she did not know the identity of the secret partner until that minute. Serkan refuses to listen. Eda does not give up. She goes after Serkan.

Taking advantage of the absence of Serkan and Eda, Semiha Hanım, declares a state of emergency at the company. In the meeting, she calls everyone and states that she threatened Alptekin Bey and he also fled abroad. The next stop of this woman, who is ready for everyone, is the house of Ayfer and Eda.

Aydan was surprised at what she would do in the face of the divorce agreement from Alptekin, so she decides to leave with Ayfer Hanım. Ayfer sets up a fast plan to protect Aydan and Seyfi from her mother's wrath and introduces Aydan as her neighbor, Aysun.

Eda eventually finds a way to get Serkan to listen. They both agree that their relationship is getting worn out. Serkan wants to make a brand new start with the new year. Though Eda wants to leave her grandmother in the past, her grandmother fell like a bomb in the middle of her life, and puts question marks ahead of their new beginnings.

Will the magic of the New Year be able to surround Serkan and Eda? Are brand new beginnings possible? When the clock strikes 12 a.m., they make a contract to let each other know their decision about their relationship.