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Sana Söz (True Lies)

Sana Söz (True Lies)


“Sana Söz” tells the story of reality show host Elif and her courageous fight to solve crimes. When she crosses paths with maverick police inspector Omer they distrust one another, but soon realize they share a passion for justice in an unfair world. In their own different ways, they strive to put criminals behind bars.

Their investigations focus on Bora, the wayward son of a wealthy businessman, who is arrested on suspicion of pushing a waitress off a tower block balcony. They are pit against Bora’s powerful father, who uses his influence to undermine the case against his son and hire’s Elif’s lawyer husband to defend Bora.

Omer is a rule-breaker who will use any method to solve crimes and he clashes with Elif in the belief that she only cares about television ratings. But their mutual hostility towards each other begins to melt as they get to know each other better and the spark of passion is ignited.

Both stuck in unhappy marriages, they fall in love, realizing their only support is each other. As they seek to solve a series of crimes they are united in standing up against wrongdoing, sticking to the path they believe in and refusing to surrender to the world’s injustice.


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