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Agâh, who is retired, is in his 60s and he lives an ordinary life. Nevra, on the other hand is policewoman working in the Homicide Department. Agâh and Nevra who have walked in different paths of life through their entire lives do not have a clue that they have actually been approaching each other.

Although Agâh lost his wife years ago and he lives in one of the apartments in the building he owns, he is both respected and loved by those who are near him. However, Agah will change his life fundamentally with the news he learns from his doctor. And when his daughter and grandson who live abroad come to live with him the tranquility of his life will be lost completely.

This dramatic change in Agâh’s life will have an effect on Nevra’s life too. Nevra is the only woman working in the Homicide Department and this makes her life extremely difficult even though she is deeply committed to her job. While Nevra struggles with the problems in his professional and family life a mysterious murder will make Agâh’s and Nevra’s life intersect.

When their lives intersect at such milestones they will have no chance but to look back at their past and go deeper in their memories. Is Agâh and Nevra’s encounter just a coincidence or is it just a small part of a big puzzle?

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